Making Tracks

Information on our dedicated services

Tuttoslot Noleggio Piste, before being born as a rental service, in 2003 already built its first track. The first track which then, in 2006, was used for the first rental for Bmw. From then on, we pushed towards various construction solutions, experimenting on our skin, with our rentals, the effectiveness or otherwise of the solutions practiced. Successes, but also failures, have led us to obtain results highly appreciated by our customers and that give prestige to our work.

Our first slot track

It was 2003, our headquarters was in Montebello village and hence the name of the first track: Montebelloslot. A two-lane track, made with Polistil commercial pieces assembled on a wooden table, built in our laboratory. Handcrafted wooden curbs and circuit-style finishes. The table created in two easily dismantled pieces made us think that it would be easily transportable and therefore to start our slot track rental work.

Construction types and restoration services

Assembled commercial tracks

Production of tracks with dimensions and circuit design chosen together with the customer. These are made using commercial pieces of various brands including Policar, Scalextric and Carrera at the customer's choice, with commercial curbs or handcrafted in wood. The track is assembled on panels, handcrafted in our workshops, self-supporting and reinforced. In this way, the track can be placed on simple trestles, without requiring special supports. We provide for the construction of the electrical system, in compliance with the regulations and low voltage, with several points of power along the circuit, which make the distribution of power on the track uniform and above all make the track reliable over time. We then proceed to insert the Bistbox professional timekeeping system and any dioramas (boxes, grandstands, houses and sets, as well as plastic models to reproduce any type of landscape or layout) chosen together with the

Commercial tracks to be assembled

The best solution for those unfamiliar with electrical systems or little time for assembly. Tracks with dimensions and circuit design chosen by the customer. These are made using commercial pieces of various brands, chosen by the customer, with commercial curbs or handcrafted in wood.
The track design can be modified to better respond to the customer's wishes. On the track we provide the wiring of the electrical system, the timing system (if required) and the creation of special sockets for the buttons. All accompanied by simple instructions to follow for assembly.
Commercial tracks to be assembled Pro: the best solution for those who love doing everything on their own. The same typology as the previous one, but which allows the customer to provide not only the assembly but also the construction of the entire electrical system and the timing assembly. We will take care of providing any support for any assembly difficulties. For the purchase see our shop.

Wooden track

The elite of the tracks. Made in our laboratories with dimensions and circuit design chosen together with the customer. The track will be built by means of a numerical control machine (CNC), which will provide for the construction of the lanes and the excavation of the parts of the lawn or diorama. The tables that make up the track are self-supporting, in this way the track can be placed on simple trestles, without requiring special supports. We proceed to the subsequent painting of the circuit, the color can be chosen by the customer without any color limit, and to the application of the metal braid for the lanes. The subsequent construction of the electrical system and the installation of the timing system will complete the production work.

Renovation and recovery

For those who are the lucky owners of an already assembled track and want to restore it, or pieces of track that are no longer efficient and want to recover its functionality and playability, our staff is available to restore the track already assembled, even at home. in our laboratory the pieces for the restoration.
The deoxidation of the strips and the restoration of the electrical systems are the most necessary works for a "dated" track, but we are also able to carry out any grouting on broken pieces, both in plastic and wood, as well as the replacement of track parts not more repairable.


Having a more or less dated track also means wanting it more modern. More current. Fit new curbs, perhaps handcrafted in wood. Want to install a new timing system with all the classic features, but also with new game modes, for example races with fuel and refueling in the race, split times or speed trap [see Bistbox chrono]. It also means wanting new and more modern accessories, boxes, grandstands, houses or other. Or you would like to equip the track with suitable push-button panels and electrical systems that meet the needs of those who want to use the track at a higher level, perhaps by providing it with buttons equipped with a brake. For all this our technicians are available for any type of consultancy and processing.

Layout changes

After some time a fixed mounted track may start to have a little less fun. The solution would be to change the layout.
Modifying the circuit, while keeping the same pieces or with a few additions, could "revive" the passion of the challenge by increasing playability and fun. Let's decide together the new layout. With our planning software we can put on track what was initially a doodle on a white piece of paper.

Commercial tracks production
Some examples of various construction types of commercial TRACKS, wanting to give you an idea of the work that is done for the productions. This first series is made using commercial curbs.

Track panels

The reinforcement frame is created for all the panels that will make up the load-bearing structure of the track

Panel painting

Made with polyurethane paint that closes the pores of the wood and makes it water-repellent

Tables compositions

The tables of the track join together, so as to have the full surface of the track to be created

Track pieces preparation

After fixing the lawn on the tables Discard the packs of the pieces and first preparation

Electrical system

Welding wires to the track pieces that will make up the electrical backbones of the track

Track assembly

Delicate phase. The track is assembled and at the same time the table is drilled for the passage of the wires

Track finished Carrera

The final result. Here the side rails of the tables and the timing bridge are still missing

Track finished Scalextric

Another brand and other scenographic effect, with different colored curbs

Accessories example

To complete the aesthetics of the tracks, you can choose from many types of accessories

Commercial tracks with handmade wooden curbs

Canary Island track 6x3 m.

6 lane track with Scalextric pieces and handcrafted wooden curbs. In the photo the curbs just assembled

Lown mounting

For tracks with wooden curbs, the lawn must be cut to size after mounting the track

Track at work

The end result of the track now at work in the Canary Islands. With the addition of accessories, the appearance of the track changes

Track with electric winch on the ceiling

Track Matera 4x2.5 m.

2 lane track with Scalextric pieces and handcrafted wooden curbs.

Mounted in place

Once completed, it was delivered and assembled. The peculiarity is that it goes up to the ceiling

Final result!

When not playing with the track, it climbs to the ceiling. The result is fantastic!

Track Fun

Track Fun 5.2x1.9

The development of the runway at the time of delivery. Check chrono and operation

Special parts

Not only flat tracks, but also elevated and parabolic curves and dioramas.

Custom curbs

Our artisan curbs are also this: made to measure and with colors chosen by the customer

Tracks for itinerant or carousels

Magic track 3.9x1.7 m.

The hinge on the exact half of the track allows the tilting of 90° and the closure of the shutter

trolley track 7x3 m.

To place it on a trolley for transport and work on village festivals, it was created ...

When closed

... a 1 meter flap hinge. Closed here for the trip, raised in the 2nd photo to highlight it

Wooden tracks production
An idea of what is being done for the artisanal production of wooden slopes and some examples of slopes already produced

CAD design

A drawing is chosen together with the customer, which is processed by the CAD for processing

CNC cutting

Processing with a CNC machine for cutting and milling lanes and external parts of the track

Worked wood panels

At the end of the CNC work we have the panels ready for painting

Panel painting

3 coats in total of polyurethane paint: primer, finish and textured finish

Bottom with grip

The textured finish (our mixture) makes the surface rough for an optimal grip.

Mounting strip

Delicate phase that requires a lot of care. The strips are mounted strip by strip.

Electrical system

The phase of the creation of the electrical system.
No mistakes!

Lawn mounting

They hand cuts all the synthetic lawn and proceeding to the mounting on the track

Track Class 3.30x2.20

The final result after the installation of the barriers, also for the logos that make the track "racing"

Wooden track 7x3 m. for a law customer
On specific customer's request, a racetrack and a village part is created, with a speed camera and a pedestrian crossing with a traffic light

Complete track

Made of 4 panels of 1.75x3 m., For agile transport in multiple cities, it is assembled in a few minutes.

Bridge with speed camera

Thanks to the Bistbox chrono, when the selected speed is exceeded, the flash and the siren go off.

Pedestrian traffic light

Pedestrian traffic light. When the red light comes on, the light illuminates the strips.

A special track for Berluti at Hong Kong
Construction of a track with diorama made in-house, shipped and then assembled in the Berluti store (Louis Vuitton Group) in Hong Kong

Store under construction

The counter that will host the track. With the CAD drawing provided, we create the base of the track to fit into the counter.

Track assembly

On the shaped table with CNC machine, the hole is because the counter has a column in the middle, the track is mounted.

Scenario processing

The track is incorporated into the scenario and the raised banks of the road and the bridge are created.

Lawn inserction

With modeling method, lawns, trees and other embellishments are created

Ready to ship

After the pre-assembly, the panels are dismantled and everything is fixed in the shipping box

Assembly in place

After the trip, everything is assembled in the shop and the scenery is finished with additional material.

Rear view

Also in the back the track makes itself well looked at, with the large staircase dominating.

Box zone

It is still a race track The pit area, enriched by characters and cars.

Trees scenery

The scenographic result has been obtained! The part of the trees that reflects a real forest

Some personalized tracks

Route 66 track

From our laboratory,  with scenic reproduction of Route 66 in the 1950s

Eurochocolate track

5x2 m. built in 2010 for our rentals and now active at Gino S.p.a. Cuneo dealership

Custom 7x2.5

Layout created on specific customer request. At work on children's space in Romagna

Castrol track

Made for some Castrol events, with parts entirely modeled and painted by hand.

Eni track

Same construction typology. Made for Eni following the Superbike in 2014. Now in the playground of northern France


Never set limits to the imagination and requests to customize your track.

Our experiments
Never put limits to the imagination, we will never tire of telling you

Leather track

Project created for Italian stylist. It is a wooden track covered with real leather and fully functional

Painted track

Not only black ... project for Wind with track painted in institutional colors.

Wedding things

For married rally enthusiasts, we have created a themed wedding favor holder.