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Track purchase instructions, timekeeping, dioramas and customized constructions

Shipment cost

Shipping costs are automatically included in the final cost based on your country.
If you don't find your country to pay, please contact us.

Purchasing slot tracks

In our shop, we offer for sale tracks in original manufacturer's boxes, but also tracks with layouts pre-built by us.
All tracks with our Layout are sold WITHOUT cars, controllers, power supply and powerbase. By means of the drop-down selection, (at the bottom in the description of the object) you can choose whether buy original controllers and connections, or switch to a professional system, with professional power outlet panels and controllers with brake. In the drop-down menu below the description of the sale of each track, we offer these 4 kits:
** 1: Policar kit: with 2 buttons, 2 cars, power supply and Policar powerbase;
** 2: Professional Kit: with 2 DS professional buttons with magic plug already mounted and push-button panel with magic sockets;
** 3: Professional Bistbox kit: the same accessories as the professional kit + the complete Bistbox Home timing system and the timing bridge;
** 4: Bistbox Home kit: with timing and bridge.
By choosing the kits with the purchase of the track, you save 10% on all kits and 16% on kits with Bistbox.
If you purchase one of the aforementioned packages, this will also include the modification of one or two pieces of straight track of the track purchased (depending on its length), already installing the wires for the electrical system, which is pre-assembled by us , in order to make assembly with the track very easy.

Our tracks will be sent already tested in the electrical system.
Obviously, being track builders, it will always be possible to contact us to have a track complete with table, lawn or diorama and personalized both in design and in the type of customizations. See Making Tracks page
Contact us for more informations

Our expert technicians are always available to provide instructions and help to customers who need them.

Purchase Bistbox timing system

It’s our timing system, for which we always provide the maximum technical support and support for the software part, as well as a user and assembly manual.
The Bistbox system is offered for sale in assembly kits, for those who already have good technical or electronic skills. For the others, it also can be purchased already assembled by our technicians by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Remember that the appearing default price is always the assembly kit price, and only after selecting the drop-down menu it compares prices including assembly. We specify that the price of the assembly is already reported in the drop-down menu.
You can find the three available types of our timing system, we invite you to learn more on the dedicated website (Bistbox), or to contact us to choose together the most suitable system for your track and for your own use. Contact us
For all the 2-lane "home" track owners, we have created a simplified Bistbox timing system, but only in the hardware part, which takes advantage of all Bistlap software features with the fantastic price of € 129 (€ 139 if assembled). With this timing system it will be great for 20 people to compete on your 2-lane track!
Our expert technicians are always available to provide instructions and help to customers who need it.

3D Printed

They are our products made in 3D printing. Designed and manufactured directly in our laboratories.
Like all products made in 3D printing, they can be not perfect by highlighting the printing lines. It is part of the "artisanal" production of 3D prints
Our technicians are also at your disposal for the realization of particular objects, not yet present in our shop.

Dioramas and customized constructions

Another of our specialties is the production of dioramas or their personalization.
By virtue of this, we offer many of the buildings, dioramas and characters for sale, with the possibility of customization. Always acting on the drop-down menus (below the description) it will be possible to choose the raw or painted product, in case of diorama; the building in assembly kit (or box), or assembled.
For wooden buildings, it will be possible to choose them:
1) assembled;
2) assembled and painted;
3) assembled, painted and with the decorations in the presentation photos.
Dioramas: the various dioramas, made by Tuttoslot, have certain measures or characteristics. These can also be custom made with specific characteristics. Contact us